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Why I Love the Recurring Dream Foundation


So just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the RDF that I’ve been feeling lately.  Is hard to believe that it’s been 6 years since we lost our dear friend Jim.  Jim thoroughly enjoyed life and was a strong presence where ever he was or in what ever he was involved with.  Jim loved his family, especially his younger siblings and niece.  One of his many passions was music, whether it was playing his guitar or drums, writing lyrics, or dissecting a particular Beatles or Steely Dan song.

The RDF was created out of those loves (music, and children).  It was also a way for us as friends and family to remember Jim and honor the many fond memories that we had.  Despite all of our busy lives I’m proud of what we have accomplished over the last 5 years.  We’ve held 2 all day concerts, featuring multiple bands, on the Newburyport Waterfront where we raised money to donate equipment to the Newburyport High School Band.  We became a 501(c)3 charity, which means that all of your wonderful donations are tax-deductible.   And we created a website and Facebook page to better spread our mission.  This year we have been really busy and have had 3 fundraisers, 2 events; one at The Turbine Wine Bar in Lynn and the other at The Port Tavern in Newburyport; and  one individual event; Erik Vose’s running of the Boston Half Marathon.  As a result of these events we have raised almost $2000 towards our mission.  We have also started a collaboration with Hungry for Music, a like-minded organization based in the D.C. area.  We strongly encourage others to support their cause as we have.

It’s through these events and accomplishments that I feel that we are fulfilling the mission of the RDF and keeping the memory of our dear friend ever-present in our busy lives.

Stay tuned and save the date for our next event.  We will be involved in “Holiday Happenings” in Andover, MA on  Friday December 9, 2011.

Take Care,

Mike Crounse

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